YEMA Rallye | Love story

Roger: Hey, Jerry. How are you doing today? Put this YEMA Rallye on your wrist. Place your buttocks in the bucket seat. Fasten your seatbelt. Ready? Lets go! Three… Two… One…

YEMA Rallye | Love Story

Me: Wow wow, wow… Calm down. One moment please… Where are we going Roger?

R: I’ve got an appointment in twenty minutes with the girl of my life, buddy. I’m late. I need you to be my co-pilot! Hurry please!

Me: I’ve got a bad feeling about this idea, man. Are you sure?

R: Yeesss! Come on! here is the road book.

Me: Euh… Why do I need a road book to go to an appointment with your girl f… Hushhhhh…

R: Do you like the acceleration Jerry?

Me: Not so much… Uh, Roger, if I understand well the sheet of paper you put in my hands there is a strong curve at the end of the road. Maybe we could slow down a little bit?

R. No way. We have already lost too much time. Launch the countdown with the chronograph, Jerry.

Me: Am I supposed to push on this strange button?

YEMA Rallye Chronograph Pusher
The YEMA Rallye is equipped an automatic Valjoux 7753 ©Jerry

R: Yes. See? The tube is grooved. Suggesting it’s an engine piston. Pretty cool design detail isn’t it?

Me: Ah Yes, indeed. However the engraving is quite fine. One can miss it with the naked eye. I have been quite clever to bring with me my smartphone macro objectif to catch it (Always have a macro objectif in your pocket when you onboard a car of a friend in a hurry. You never know…).

R: Hey, There is a crossroad coming. Where shall I go?

Me: Could you slow dow to let me read the charts? I don’t feel good… Braaaake! Riiiiiight!

Road Book Rallye du Gier
Road Book Rallye du Gier ©ASA de la Loire

R: Ahahaha ! What a laugh! OK. Let me explain the Chronograph dial. On a technical point of view, it’s called a sandwich dial. Do you guess why?

Me: Do we really have to talk about food now?

YEMA Rallye dial. Asphalte texture
YEMA Rallye | Sandwich dial © Jerry

R: On the left is the second counter. Doesn’t need to be precise. Its just there to check the watch is running. For precision, you have the tachymetric hand. Please appreciate the asphalte texture of the dial surface. It’s a very original and particularly successful detail of this watch dial. Oh. Only 15mn left before my appointment with Cindy! I’m so excited to meet her!

Yema Rallye second subdial
YEMA Rallye | Seconds subdial © Jerry

Me: Whaaaat ?! You haven’t met her yet?! And she is the girl of your life ?!

R: Pffff. You can’t understand. She is cute, wonderful, red hairs… Just like the hand of the chronograph hands. And she loves watches. Girl of my life, for sure.

YEMA Rallye Minutes Counter
YEMA Rallye | Minutes counter © Jerry

Me: Hmm. I hope that with such an hair color, she is easier to distinguish among other girls than the hands on this dial. They should have been a bit more contrasted in my opinion…

R: Oh I know you… Never satisfied… Can’t you just appreciate the overal design?

Yema Rallye Sketch
YEMA Rallye sketch © Yema

Me: Yes. You’re right. In fact I do like the dial design, with this asymmetrical cutting of the top layer. Yema succeeds in creating a new racing watch with the vintage Rallye chronographs legacy but however totally renewed.

Yema Rallye lineage
YEMA Rallye Legacy ©Jerry

R. Well done!

R. Yep. Turn left in 250 meters. Speed 40 mph.

R: Got it. What do you think of the date aperture?

YEMA Rallye Date aperture
YEMA Rallye | Date Aperture ©Jerry

Me: Nothing specific. Clean. Easy to read. Is it a quick date setting?

R: Unfortunately not. This is a characteristic of the Valjoux 7753

Me: Wait, wait, wait ! Brake ! Turn around! We should have turned right at the red light!

R: What. It was red?

Me: Oh stop arguing about colors. You know nothing about colors… Red hairs… I can’t believe it… Do you know what I truly do like on your Yema Rallye chronograph?

R. No. Tell me.

Me: The steel bezel. It opens the dial and even, maybe, suggests the aluminum rims of your car.

R: I like it too. It brings something rough to the design. Like the asphalte surface of the dial, in fact. Perfect for suggesting rally races.

Me: You’re right. The brushed finishing of the flanks is a good idea. And look: the dome sapphire crystal brings a vintage spirit to the whole. Not bad.

YEMA Rallye steel tachymetric bezel
YEMA Rallye | Domed sapphire crystal © Jerry

Me: Roger?

R: Yes?

Me: Are you sure you want to meet Cindy?

R: Oooh enough now! Just tell me the next direction I shall take.

Me: One hundred meters. Downshift in second. Turn right. Avoid the hole in the middle of the road. Annnnnnnd the cat for God sake!

R: Pfiouuuu! This one was hot. What do you think about the middle case?

Me: Massive. Very muscular. It fits the rally spirit and the kind of cars engaged.

R: You mean like my own car ? Ahaha!

Me: No ! I mean… Yes !.. No ! But… Oh… mind the Grand Ma! My God, I beg your pardon for all my sins. I don’t want to die today… Please Roger slow down… Maybe I could take the wheel for a moment?

R: No Way. I’m afraid when I don’t drive (1). But I agree with you. The bezel shape could have been a bit more elegant, just like the bezel of the 70,s very first Yema Rallye chronographs. And the lugs thinner. Like the Yachtingraf Bronze for example (read the review). But on the other hand, the watch gives a real impression of robustness. Maybe it is just a matter of style and taste, finally.

Me: Yes. That’s right. By the way, look how the bevelled edges lighten the lugs silhouhette, seen from above.

R: Be honest, Jerry. You like this watch.

Me: Turn left! Speed bump on the way up. Ouch. My Back…

R. Speaking of back… look at the watch caseback. See? This chronograph will be produced in only 300 items. Dont’ miss it if you like it 😉

Me: You’re right. And… Oh, my God. Red hairs! She’s there!

R:My Cindy! B… but… She doesn’t look like the picture at all! And what’s that?

Me: What?

R: Look at her Tatoo!

Me: Where?

R: On her neck! She’s got a tatoo of an other watch brand logo on her neck!

Me: Oh nooooo. It’s appalling. Don’t stop! Don’t stop !

R: But what will become of me, now?

Me: Hmm. I’m sure you will fall in love again my Roger… Soon. Veeery soon. And Roger…

R: Yes?

Me: Never ask me again to be your co-pilot…

Thanks YEMA for the loan of this prototype. Thank you, friends, for reading. Drive safe!


(1) Thanks Michel Audiard for this one.

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