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Welcome on Clock me tender !

What is Clock me tender ?
Clock me tender is a personal french watches collector’s blog, dedicated to watches and brands that I like. Modern as well as vintage.

Who is Jerry ?
Jerry is a pseudonym, adopted when I created, for professional needs, a blog dedicated to watch product placement in 2006. At that time, I couldn’t imagine that this would lead me to… buy expensive watches (I thought it was meaningless. Sometimes I still do…), learn watchmaking on my own (I like to understand “how it works”. Perfect way to break one’s watch…), and even less be excited by the research about watch brand histories (How to go around the dial without sleeping…). Anyway… Despite it’s sometimes a little schizophrenic, I’ve been Jerry all this past years to write, discuss and share about watches. And I hope it will be for long !

Why creating my own website ?
There are already so much… and good ones ! So why ?! Two simple motivations. On the one hand, the intense pleasure to create. On the other hand, the freedom of choosing my topics and the way to deal with them. I hope it is not too presumptuous to think that this can interest someone… And specially you!

Why a website in English ?
You will have probably noticed (already ?) that my English is not perfect. It would have been much easier for me to write in my French native language. Consequently I apologize for the lack of confort to which this choice may sometimes lead if you are an “English fluent” visitor. Promise you will point out the incorrect word or sentence in your comment ! In case you don’t feel comfortable in English, you can switch the website in another language (see the floating menu on the right bottom of your screen)

So why ? Firstly the pleasure to get in touch with readers from other cultures and probably, consequently, other way of thinking and living a watch collection. Secondly the deep wish to share with these readers my interest in the French watchmaking legacy and, as well, it’s modern creation. However, I remain eclectic and I will present any topic I find interesting to deal with, even if it’s not about french watch !

“A propos” not finished yet ?!
No. One important point.

I’m far from knowing everything. Every watch is an opportunity to discover and learn something. Maybe you know much more than I ! So please, feel free to comment, correct or contact me ! I will be always happy to update the content of this web site in order to be more specific and reliable for the next reader.

I hope that you will feel at home and have fun on Clock me tender! Note that you can be informed of new articles by following my thread on Instagram: Jerry_watches

Raphaël, alias Jerry.

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