YEMA Navygraf Heritage Bronze | FOST 50th birthday

As a Yema Watches Owners Facebook community “Expert”, I have sometimes the privilege – and great pleasure – to test just released or coming soon last creations of the brand. On stage today for a short review is the bronze Navygraf “Forces Sous-Marines”, created by Yema in partnership with the French Navy to celebrate the FOST (Force Océanique STratégique) 50th birthday.

Yema Navygraf FSM  Forces Sous-Marines
Yema Navygraf FSM Forces Sous-Marines ©Jerry

A first serial of 50 numbered pieces has been produced for the French Navy members.

Historical legacy

On contrary of the first Navygraf “MN” Marine Nationale (Read the review here), this edition revives the original design of Jean Müller in the 70s, unmistakable with its strongly beveled edges. Beveled edges which also made the success of Yema famous chronographs Rallygraf Brown Sugar, Yachtingraf, Sous Marine, and Flygraf. But this is another story.

“Ship ready to operate!”

Exclamation marks

The very first Navygraf, as well as the recent models reissued by Yema, owes it’s notoriety to the unique exclamation marks on the dial. Another stroke of genius by Jean Müller.

Here they are made of Swiss Super-LumiNova® C1, bronze tainted to fit perfectly with the middle case color.

Yema Navygraf FSM Exclamation marks
The exclamation marks are very characteristic of he Yema Navygraf © Jerry

The Super-LumiNova® C1 glows white in the dark. The hands reflection is a bit weak in my opinion.

Yema Navygraf Super LumiNova® C1 index
Yema Navygraf Super LumiNova® C1 index

Cast off the bow lines!

Double dome sapphire glass

The double dome sapphire glass reproduces the distortions that plexiglass lovers particularly appreciate.

Helm at Zero – Front Engine 2!

Color touches

The Yema Navygraf is a watch made for men who are not here for fun. However, there are two red touches of color on the black dial.

The historical Navygraf signature:

Yema Navygraf FSM  - Historical signature on the dial
Yema Navygraf Historical calligraphic signature © Jerry

A fine red tip on the second hand. I’m testing a prototype. Colors should be harmonized on the final product.

Yema Navygraf FSM - Fine red tip on the second hand
Yema Navygraf FSM – Fine red tip on the second hand © Jerry

Come to One-Five-Zero!

Marine Nationale screw-down crown

Contrary to the first Yema Navygraf which was only 100m waterproof, the Navygraf Bronze Forces Sous-Marine is a true tool watch, able to dive down to 300 meters.

The watch is equipped with a screw-down crown, protected by its crown guard.

Yema did a great job with the French Navy anchor displayed on the crown face

French Navy Anchor on Yema Navygraf FSM crown face
French Navy Anchor on Yema Navygraf FSM crown face © Jerry

The anchor embossing is much more precise than on the first Marine Nationale Navygraf. Bravo Yema for this quality improvement.

Hatches closed. Ready to dive!

Without any surprise, the stainless screwed caseback is decorated with the French Navy “Forces Sous-Marines” logo.

Yema Navygraf FSM Caseback
French Submarine Special Forces logo on the caseback © Jerry

Dive and come to 30m.

YEMA 2000 No date version

In the heart of the Yema Navygraf beats a Yema 2000 “no date” movement. The caliber has been specifically modified so there is no “dead notch” when you set the hour.

YEMA 3000 GMT. ©Jerry

If interested, I invite you to read a very detailed review on the YEMA 2000 brother, here :

YEMA 3000 GMT | An audacious challenge for the French Brand

Front engine 4. Come to one-five-zero

I’m a bit hungry right now… At what time do we have dinner on this boat?

Before leaving :

See you soon on Clock Me Tender.


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