CB 01-14060 | Under the pen of Cedric Bellon

CB01-14060. ©Cedric Bellon Design
CB01-14060. ©Cedric Bellon Design


I thought I was about to have a heart attack.

A few days ago, a friend of mine told me: “Do you know Cédric Bellon ? He is doing something interesting. You might like it. Check on Instagram.”

A few days later (a few days + a few days = still a few days !), I feverishly entered the code of my bank card on the subscription site to take part in the creation of the CB01 – 14060.

I’m in !

Why did I subscribe ?

CB01-14060_02. ©Cedric Bellon Design
CB01-14060_02. ©Cedric Bellon Design

The main reason of this stroke of madness is the little second hand at 12:00. Generally speaking, I’m a great fan of the little second. Having one in this configuration, at 12:00, on a dive watch, with this falsely rough design, is so brilliant an idea ! Incidentally, it reminded me two of my personal watch projects with the french brand Yema (I will tell you about that one day).

The second reason is the sustainable approach chosen by Cedric Bellon. I’m not naive. Cedric Bellon is a professional designer. Part of this choice is probably marketing. But, on the one hand, I totally agree with the idea that a simple and reliable mechanical watch is, nowadays, the most sustainable and ecological choice. Nothing to do with high tech and digital watches that nobody will be able to repair in twenty or thirty years. And on the second hand, the way Cedric Bellon approaches his watch leads to technical and graphic choices that are out of the ordinary such as the untreated raw recycled steel brushed dial, without paint or even varnish. Both the created references, CB01 – 14060 and CB01-024 will be very exclusive watches.

The third reason Cedric Bellon himself. First he is a very experimented watch designer. As a buyer who pays his watch long before it will be produced, it’s very reassuring. secondly, he’s french. And despite the fact that I’m an eclectic watch collector, I’m mainly interested in the french watchmaking industry, know-how and creativity. From this point of view, the CB01 collection seems to me a very good and inspiring example.

Now what ?

© Cedric Bellon design | Watch Angels Press Release
© Cedric Bellon design | Watch Angels Press Release

I “just” have to wait until April 2021, scheduled to be the delivery period. Meantime, I will follow with great interest the creation steps on Watch Angels , or Cedric Bellon Instagram or Facebook thread.

I promise that as soon as I receive the watch, you will be the first to know, with a complete review !

Until there, watch this video ang go to the official presse release page on Watch-angels to know more.

Take care of yourself !


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